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Updated September 2016

How do I download the app?

All apps can encounter technical issues which could be a communication problem with your mobile provider. Make sure your phones operating system is up to date and you’re using the latest version of EezyWash. You can also try refreshing the app or logging out and logging back in. If problems still persist contact us at

Visit the app store or google play depending on your device and search for ‘eezywash’ – then download for FREE.

Where can I use EezyWash?

View the interactive map on your device or press the ‘show list’ button to find your nearest EezyWash site. If you have ‘location services’ activated on your device it will show the closest wash via GPS.

How do I pay for services through EezyWash?

All payments are made via your credit card, we use a secure payment gateway service called Stripe.

Are my personal details secure?

Yes. All personal information is stored securely and payments are facilitated by Stripe, one of the worlds leading payment processing platforms. (

Can I have multiple vehicles on my account?

Yes, you can have unlimited vehicles on your household or business account.

Can I get a receipt from my wash purchase?

Yes, all purchases will have a tax invoice emailed to the account holder once the purchase has been completed.

How do the monthly subscriptions (wash clubs) work?

Some sites have wash clubs that allow you wash your car as much as you like for a monthly fee. Once signed up the monthly fee will be automatically debited from your credit card until it is cancelled. You can only have one car per subscription but some sites offer discounts for multiple cars.

How do I cancel my wash club monthly subscription?

Go to your account, select my cars, select the associated registration number, select the monthly subscription and then cancel.

What if my vehicle registration changes?

If you’re using for single washes you can add and delete vehicles from your account within the app. If you are on a monthly subscription contact us at and we’ll assist with the changes.

My device won't display any sites or my app is not working?

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Requires iOS 8.2 or later

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Requires Android 4.1 and up

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