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The EezyWash digital car wash technology & platform provides a simple way for every type and size of a car wash business to go online and boost their growth.

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How EezyWash
Grows Your Business

Increase your car wash’s operational efficiency, improve customer experience, maximise wash capacity with the EezyWash app.

Grow your revenue
through higher utilisation
of wash facilities

Reach new customers
through our extensive partner

Engage with your existing
integrated digital
marketing & loyalty

Offer the best customer
by providing
new & innovative pricing
models (eg. monthly

Gain better business
and control your
car wash operations with
the help of our analytics

How it works


Users will search for and get directions to EezyWash sites. They will be able to use their local EezyWash site to benefit from special offers or find a nearby site to clean up a spill while their away from home.


EezyWash lets users choose which type of wash or service suits their needs – from the ‘Ultimate Wash’ in the automatic bay to a vacuum. A simple tap on the service and the app will signal when it’s ready to start.


As soon as the user is ready to start their wash or service that they have selected, it’s a simple swipe to turn on the equipment and confirm payment.
It couldn’t be easier, and they will automatically get a tax invoice emailed.

EezyWash Features

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Installation is quick and easy and will suit any site, from the smallest to large multi-bay sites with a wide range of wash equipment, operating systems and applications.

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Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
Just drive in! The system will automatically identify the vehicles at each car wash entrance, and customers can complete the car wash without stepping out of their vehicle.

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Stay on top of your site activities 24/7 with our feature-rich online management tool. Monitor the real-time status and live view of each car wash site, and manage products, prices and customer accounts.

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Car Wash Mobile Application
Offer your customers the most convenient car wash experience with a mobile application!

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Queue Cameras (Optional)
No more queues! With the optional queue cameras at the car wash sites, customers can check the availability in the mobile app, and avoid long queues.

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Business Intelligence Tool (optional)
The EezyWash tool helps you optimize all important aspects of your business. It collects and summarises the data from your operating activities and collates it to your real-time Dashboard. This allows you to do targeted marketing campaigns such as loyalty programs for your best customers, or design a special offer to boost business during your quieter periods.

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